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Fertility Yoga

This is a temporary webpage while is under construction. Also, there have been a lot of requests for explanations of the poses. Dr. Horn was recently interviewed by the New York Post and discussed four of the poses. We will post the discussion here as soon as it is published, hopefully by July 2012.

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Here is a short clip of one of the four sets. This is for the follicular phase:



Restoring Fertility is a project to help couples help themselves.

The inspiration for this project has been our patients. Through years of working with thousands of subfertile couples, we found there were many commonalities. While it can be crucial to identify the unique causes of each couple's infertility, some of the most important elements to actually restoring fertility relate to exercise, diet, environment and lifestyle.

However, its not just any type of exercise, diet, environment and lifestyle. They have to be appropriate for the goals of fertility. Many well meaning patients have "healthy" lifestyles that are actually contributing to their infertility. For example, many types of exercise can throw your hormones off and make it very difficult to get pregnant and to have a healthy pregnancy. However, if exercise is done right, it can be a very powerful tool. This is why our first project was to provide a Yoga set to facilitate reproduction.

Consider this:

Our bodies have an intrinsic ability to deal with environmental stressors such as "bad" diets, pollution and emotional stress. Exercise can help to optimize liver function by assisting with all phases of detoxification. It can also improve digestive function and reduce stress. The problem again is that certain types of exercise can cause reproductive problems.

The four yoga sets contained in the DVDs were created specifically to optimize reproductive function. However, they also have poses to improve tolerance to environmental and dietary factors as well.

Although we designed these sets to optimize your reproductive system, they cannot address everyone's unique clinical picture. Therefore, they should be viewed as a very powerful adjunct to medical care and not a substitute. We have found that the key to success, even in very difficult cases, is to take a holistic approach. This means to work with both "Eastern" and "Western" reproductive medicine specialists.

With the above caveats, you should find that with diligent practice, you will notice tangible results in how you feel. If you are working with ART (assisted reproduction such as IVF or IUI), you will begin to see your response improving and many of the fertility markers will improve (do not do these sets during an IVF cycle or any type of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation unless your doctor advises otherwise). If you are trying to conceive naturally, you should notice your cervical mucous changing, your libido should also improve and PMS symptoms will be reduced. Regardless of the path you choose, the ultimate purpose of this DVD is to help you achieve your goals of parenthood. These sets were created by doctors who are both fertility specialists and yoga practitioners and are recommended by many well respected doctors in the field.

If you would like to order the set of two DVDs (containing four yoga routines), please click here, or call 323-551-5962. If you are in Canada, click here.

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